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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reader HD v2.2.2 apk

Reader HD v2.2.2
Reader HD v2.2.2 apk
Requirements: Android 3.0
Overview: Reader HD is just another Googe Reader client optimized for Honeycomb tablets. The user interface is inspired by Gmail for Honeycomb and Google Reader web version. It is simple, clean, and clear but full featured.

Reader HD v2.2.2
Features: Reader HD v2.2.2 apk
- Simple, clean and clear user interface inspired by Gmail for Honeycomb and Google Reader web version
- New in 2.0: Two reading layouts: Magazine and Classic
- Using built-in Account Manager to authorize (OAuth 2)
- Two working modes: Online and Offline
- Cache images for offline reading (optional)
- 2-way synchronization
- Auto update (default but optional)
- Easy to view articles by feeds/tags
- Mark all as read
- Subscription management
- Swipe left/right or using navigation buttons to view previous/next articles
- Auto mobilize articles to view full content
- Support both portrait and landscape mode
- Multiple themes: Dark, Light, Gray, and Blue
- Widgets
- Image gallery
- Customizable: auto update, updating interval, fonts, notification...
Free Reader HD v2.2.2 apk


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