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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Requirements: Android 2.3.7 and up
Overview: LOUDER Headphone amplifier for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II.

** Commercial app ** Root required ** Free compatibility detection **
Saves you $20 in an external headphone amp purchase!
LOUDER exploits Yamaha sound chip extra abilities to get very high output volumes on Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note based on the Exynos board.
On Galaxy S II a boost of +6dB is reached using analog amp switches.
On Galaxy Note a boost of +10.5dB is reached using a combination of digital and analog amplification.
LOUDER brings you real volume without clipping. No tricks like DRC or digital saturation are used.
While this app doesn't bring sound quality improvements like Voodoo Sound (hardware miss capabilities), its design is based on strong engineering and gives the best results your hardware can provide.
Device supported: Gingerbread / Samsung
Galaxy S II International: GT-I9100
Galaxy S II AT&T: SGH-I777
Galaxy S II Sprint: SPH-D710
Galaxy S II Korean: M250S
Galaxy S II Japanese: SC-02C
Galaxy Note International: GT-N7000
Galaxy S II LTE and HD (Qualcomm and not Exynos: totally different hardware) are NOT supported.
CyanogenMod or MIUI users: any version should work now since LOUDER 2.0!
- Is it free or commercial?
This app requires root and work only on a few selected devices.
For the best experience, I chose to set it free to download.
Only after its fully confirmed by a wizard that the application will work on your device, you're allowed to purchase it.
Simple answer: it's a commercial app accessible via a free compatibility detection.
- I'm using a custom ROM and I can't purchase or it doesn't work as expected.
Unfortunately I cannot test every custom ROM on the planet, which tend to break things.
Contact me, I helped solving tons of issues already.
- Will xxx feature be added?
Simple is good. Take the app as-is, it might not get any additional feature.
You're always welcome sharing good ideas by email.
I take updates seriously. App and driver will stay compatible with future OTAs.
- Are Bluetooth headphones supported?
Bluetooth headphones are fully independent hardware. Voodoo LOUDER access hardware directly but it can access only your Android device chips.
Supported: everything JACK-plugged
- No refund?
There is no testing period or automatic refund, all purchases are final.
If you have a very special request, please contact me directly by email.
- I live in a country where Market doesn't allow purchase, how can I use your app?
First of all I'm shocked Google doesn't give access to full Market to countries like Turkey, Serbia, Bangladesh, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. I heard your concern and am currently evaluating alternatives solutions.
- Why people from Germany cannot download this app?
User feedback is important.
Android Market billing situation is not satisfying in Germany. I had no other choice than removing immediately this app from German Android Market because of an increasing number of unfair comments, related to credit card issues
My priority is now to work on alternative payment methods.
The app will return to Germany once this task is completed, which will require at least one dedicated week of work.
People who bought LOUDER will receive updates as expected.
Free VOODOO LOUDER PAID v2.0.1 apk


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