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Saturday, March 31, 2012

aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0 apk download

aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0
aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: aMPdroid is MediaPortal for your Android phone or tablet. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal HTPC, browse, download or stream your media collection and access all of MediaPortals TV capabilites.
aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0
By buying aMPdroid Pro you are supporting further development of aMPdroid.
Some of the highlights of aMPdroid:
* Stunning Remote Control section
* Browse your media in different views (poster, banner, thumbs, text)
* Stream your media to your Android phone (like AirVideo on iOS) with different quality profiles.
* Download your media to your SD card
* Select videos or music on your mobile and start them on your htpc
* Watch live tv and recordings
* Browse Tv Guide and schedule recordings
* Available in over 15 different languages (more coming soon)
aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0
Important: This app requires MediaPortal and background services installed to function properly. See for more details.
!!!Since version 1.0 MpExtended is needed as backend service!!!
Free aMPdroid Pro v1.0.0 apk


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