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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hi Launcher v1.6 apk download

Hi Launcher v1.6
Hi Launcher v1.6 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: All New UI, Unexpected Experience, Hi Launcher is getting a new design!
Hi Launcher v1.6
Hi Launcher is an Android Home replacement app with powerful functions. Boasting the first to adopt the zoning layout mode, and offering rich home themes, personalized editing and beautifying function, smooth operation as well as many other practical functions, Hi Launcher will sure bring you a brand-new experience.
Hi Launcher v1.6 apk
1.Distinctive layout design brings unique visual experience
Widget area and icon area are independently laid out. A variety of widgets can be found in the widget area, including OneKey Clean Clock widget, user feedback widget, etc.; the icon area can be displayed in full screen or hidden depending on your choices that you make.
2.Practical and intelligent category management
Without adopting App Mate, Hi Launcher classifies apps automatically, enabling easier and more efficient search.
3.Rich and colorful themes
Hi Launcher offers stunning visual effects through its rich and colorful themes. A wide array of wallpapers and widget skins are available, making your mobile phone interface look more appealing. And partial interface is changeable and customizable, making your mobile phone more trendy and attractive.
4.Collective and unified shortcuts
Powerful OneKey shortcut design, shortcut tools, shortcut contacts, etc. You’ll enter a big world only with just a tap on the screen.
5.WYSIWYG icon customization
Users are allowed to change icons freely. The icon masks will even make every detail on your mobile phone desktop shine with personality and appeal!
Recent changes:
Hi Launcher v1.6 apk
Added the feature of auto-hiding App dock when it overlaps widgets;
Added the feature of customizing size of widgets icons;
Added the feature of screens scrolling circularly;
Improved the response time when applying theme;
Improved the feature of highlighting the search results.
Fixed the problem of not able to launch an App in the App dock with one single click;
Fixed the issue of some unistalled apps still display on the App dock.
Free Hi Launcher v1.6 apk


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