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Sunday, April 1, 2012

RootzBox Root Utility App vb001 apk download

RootzBox Root Utility App vb001
RootzBox Root Utility App vb001 apk
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: RootzBox is a new utility from RootzWiki that is designed to help users with all their flashing and root needs. The application is currently in early beta, which means there will be bugs, and the application is not nearly complete.
RootzBox Root Utility App vb001
Goals of RootzBox:
RootzBox Root Utility App vb001 apk
-Focus on integration with RootzWiki
-Don't re-invent the wheel. We will support other devs and link back to their apps
-Include a few "must-have" tools for users' daily needs
RootzBox Root Utility App vb001 apk
File browser
- basic functionality: copy, paste, delete, multi-select, zipping, viewing text
- shortcuts to folders on desktop
- view and copy MD5 of files
- FUTURE: multi-tabs, ability to explore zip files
-Collects the output of the logcat, uploads to a website and sends you back a short-url for sharing with a dev or friend
- FUTURE: view recently uploaded logs, more sharing options, logcat viewer
LCD Density Wizard
Build Prop Editor
- Backup/Restore functionality
- Descriptions of important properties
- FUTURE: add more properties (and suggest some)
News Widgets
- 3 styles, scroll through newest news on your launcher
- updates every hour
Please note: this is a beta. There will be bugs and updates will be frequent. New features will be added with future updates, along with bug fixes. Please send us reports of any logs. Here are some of the new features we've got planned:
- RW Wiki integration
- Online file repository for devs to upload kernels, themes, and mods and give users ability to browse/download/flash on their phone
- RSS feeds for forums
- Wallpaper manager
- Font manager
- and many many more features planned!
To report bugs, request features please check this support thread:
Free RootzBox Root Utility App vb001 apk


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