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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IPhone Style Folder v1.7 apk download

IPhone Style Folder v1.7
IPhone Style Folder v1.7 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: IPhone-style folder widgets on your desktop.
Effectively manage Application, telephone number,bookmarks in a folder to a maximum of 16 icons.
When you click the folder, It shows apps on the folder.
IPhone Style Folder v1.7
* Create a folder on your desktop
IPhone Style Folder v1.7
1. long click on the empty spot on your desktop,the Home screen, select the widget from the screen.
2. click IPhone-style folder among the widgets.
3. Press the Select button application, phone number, you can add bookmarks, etc..
* To use the folder
1. click the Applications folder appears, click the icon which you want to run.
2. To modify a folder, click the settings button.
* In the folder, simply delete the application / application Reorder / Add Application
1. Delete: Drag the desired icon and drop out of folder window.
2. Changing the order: drag icon and Drop to the desired location.
3. Add: When you click the empty spot on the folder, the add screen will appear.
What's in this version:
IPhone Style Folder v1.7 apk
Show more icon text.
Tablet support.
folder window animations.
Drag and drop in the foler is only possible with long press.
Landscape mode support
improve to detect applications on an external memory
Free IPhone Style Folder v1.7 apk


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