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Thursday, March 29, 2012

NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6 apk download

NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6
NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+, Go Launcher app
Overview: This is a DONATE VERSION of the Theme, there is also a FREE VERSION in the Market. It takes a lot of time and effort to create this Theme and I would be glad if you could support it. But don't be afraid, both versions have the same stuff in it.
NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6
NewMIUI Theme for Go Launcher Ex
This Theme is based on the NewMIUI Theme for MIUI and ProjectVexillum. It will try to include all the Icons from this Theme and update this package as often as possible.
>>>>>>>>> FEATURES <<<<<<<<<<<
NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6 apk
+ 532 Icons in the Theme ( Version 1.2 )
+ HDPI and MDPI Screen compatible
+ Go Launcher EX compatible
+ cool Wallpaper
>>>>>>>>> TUTORIAL <<<<<<<<<<<
1. click in the Market on download and install the Theme
2. click on the Menu Button on your Phone at the Homescreen and choose Themes
3. search for the NewMIUi Theme and click on "Apply"
What's in this version:
NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6 apk
Sorry for the Force Close at the Icon Choose Screen, but this can't be fixed. It is caused by too many Icons loaded into the Ram.
Free NewMIUI GoLauncher DONATE v2.6 apk


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