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Sunday, April 8, 2012

DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3 apk download

DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3

DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3 apk
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Throw a tune on the deck, mix it or start scratching while on the go!

DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3

DJStudio is a powerful DJ application which enables you to scratch, loop or pitch your songs in the palm of your hand with your smartphone or your tablet.

Key features:
DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3 apk
★ 2 desks on one screen
★ Real disc physics
★ Browse your mp3 by folder, artist, album, name with coverflow display
★ Single editable playlist shared between the decks
★ 3-Band Equalizer for each Deck
★ 2 CUE points per deck (IN/OUT)
★ Pre-Cueing with headphones
★ Live record your mixes
★ Share your mixes on SoundCloud
★ 2 Included skins
★ Live waveform views with 3 zoom levels
★ 16 channels customizable sampler
★ Auto-mix feature
★ Multi-touch since 3.0
★ Enhanced for the Sony dual screen Tablet

Recent changes:
DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3 apk
fix potential crash after purchase
TV optims
Read & write MP3's BPM tag
Sample list fixed
Memory optimisations
File access fixed
Google TV compatibility
Disc artwork fix
Stability improvements
Multi-touch support since 3.0
Fully compatible with Holo theme
Layout optimizations
Pre-cueing option.
Cross-fading duration
Auto dual-screen for Sony P Tablet
3 bands equalizer for each deck
graphics stretch bug fixes
new zoom feature on waveform

Free DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.3.3 apk




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